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‘Bodysnatcher’ Dillian Whyte Helps Lucky Block Become Household Name

dillian whyte sponsored by lucky block

We are so proud of Lucky Block ambassador Dillian ‘The Bodysnatcher’ Whyte. Although knocked out by the best heavyweight boxer in the world, Dillian fought valiantly and tenaciously throughout Saturday night’s bout against Tyson Fury.

Today Dillian has hit back at Fury claiming that the KO was illegal because he was pushed by Fury which made him land with more force than he otherwise would have done. We’re up for the rematch!

But despite the result in the night, Lucky Block and Dillian were still winners.

Dillian showed he has the courage and the guile to get in to the ring with Tyson Fury and to compete, as Tyson himself admitted.

He remains one of the top five heavyweight boxers in the world today, with many more stadium-filling fights ahead of him, as Lucky Block brand ambassador and fight fan Jamie Jewitt points out in his recap below. Even the big man himself – Tyson Fury – admits Dillian is a future world champ.

The Lucky Block brand was of course also a huge winner, with our logo taking pride of place on the world stage.

Alongside our logo, our website address on that black baseball cap was flashed around the world on innumerable occasions too in the build up to the fight. It was such a great cap that Tyson wanted to wear it!

And what about that walk-in by Dillian to the strains of AC/DC’s pounding Back in Black, adorned in the hoodie and robe with the huge big fat glittering golden Lucky Block logo.

Boxing is the new cool and so is Lucky Block

Lucky Block has certainly caught the zeitgeist around the new-found preeminence of British boxing globally. This was the biggest boxing match ever to take place in Europe.

Boxing is cool in a way it hasn’t been for years, with coverage of the bout on all major news outlets, propelled by the persona and achievements of Tyson Fury but also the following of our contender too. The fact is, Lucky Block was right at the centre of it all.

The Wembley Stadium show was quite a spectacle too. All in all it was a great night for Lucky Block in its entrance into the boxing big time. Lucky Block is now on the map in the boxing world, with boxing agents knocking on our door to see if we are interested in more sponsorship deals.

We have now also developed excellent relationships with key sports broadcasters and boxing correspondents as our push into the space continues and our organic growth moves onto the fast track.

Lucky Block has announcements of new sponsorship deals coming on a near weekly basis in the coming period, with Florian Marku expected to release a statement about his tie-up with Lucky Block later this week. That will be followed next week by news from a yet to be publicly named world champion boxer who has signed a contract with Lucky Block.

Key metrics of Lucky Block success

Although the Lucky Block team had intended to reveal the Dillian Whyte deal on Wednesday 20th, news leaked out that we had paid to fly Dillian by private jet from his training camp in Portugal on Tuesday.

Since then there has been a spike in LBLOCK token holders, increasing by 700 in less than a week. On Tuesday 19 April when news broke that Lucky Block was sponsoring Dillian the number of holders stood at 50,956. Today the number of holders is 51,658.

Website traffic unique visits at spiked 47% globally from the Monday before the fight to the Saturday of the fight itself.

The trend was even more pronounced for UK users, where the number of visits rose 208% from the average of the previous week and the time of the Wednesday press conference.

On the night of the fight, 87% of visitors came from outside the UK, showing the global reach of both the boxing match and of the Lucky Block brand.

To make the most of the exposure Lucky Block introduced a brand new feature to the website – visitors can now use fiat to buy BNB and swap it for LBLOCK. The new service was launched just hours before the fight began.

Product development news updates came quick and fast in fight week

Fight week also saw a flurry of product news updates from the Lucky Block team.

The all-important web app is set to launch in mid May and possibly sooner. The web app going live will signal the start of the jackpot prize draws.

It was also confirmed that internal testing of the V2 upgrade starts this week, which includes an ERC20 token for CEX listings and an Ethereum bridge to maintain the price between it and the existing BEP20 LBLOCK token.

CEX listings applications are likely to restart in a couple of weeks.

Tyson: “Dillian Whyte is a warrior… he will be a world champion”

Returning to the fight, Dillian was proud of his own performance.

“There wasn’t a lot in it – it was a close fight and I didn’t feel like I was outclassed in there. My game plan was to press him and start moving forward. I was trying to attack but one slip and I got caught with the shot.”

And Tyson knew he wasn’t up against a pushover by any means, singling out Dillian for praise. “Dillian Whyte is a warrior and I believe he will be world champion but tonight he met a great in the sport, one of the greatest heavyweights of all time.

“There is no disgrace. He is a tough, game man. He is as strong as a bull and has the heart of a lion. But he was not messing with a mediocre heavyweight. He was messing with the best man on the planet.”

Jamie Jewitt recap – “Lucky Block will become a household name”

jamie jewitt and Dillian Whyte

Lucky Block brand ambassador Jamie Jewitt (pictured left above) has produced a series of video shorts around the Fury v Whyte fight and conducted an exclusive interview with Dillian at his training camp in Portugal, some of which featured on the The Sun newspaper’s website. Jamie has recorded aΒ  recap of this week’s events and what it all of means for Lucky Block, which will be posted soon on our YouTube channel.

Here’s the recap transcript:

Lucky Block Army – right, a little recap of the weekend.

94,000 people. Huge event. That was unbelievable to be a part of, it was an unbelievable place to be at the time. Millions watching around the world. Now, our guy didn’t get the results he wanted. He got beaten by the better man on the nigh, but it is what it is. We have seen that Fury is a special fighter so well done to him, but well done to Dillian for doing what he does, putting it all on the line and representing us on the night.

We cannot wait for Dillian’s next fight, he’s always in huge fights, sells out stadiums – that’s what Dillian does, he’s got a huge following, because the guys a great fighter and he’s got the heart of a lion. So we cannot wait to announce his next fight and we’ll be there front and centre.

So what are we doing here, what did you just see? If you asked back in January that we would be sponsoring one of the top five heavyweights in one of the biggest sporting events in history we would have said impossible. But you made this possible okay. And our incredible team made this possible.

And the plan moving forward is to announce huge partnerships with huge boxers – world title fight after world title fight. Our logo will be out there to millions. Our log on sports websites, sports media mainstream media websites, YouTube, everywhere. We’ll be getting our logo through these huge sporting events and through these partnerships. They expand the web, will expand just from doing these things, – from making these small videos, doing the YouTube, from making that sort of noise, getting out there, meeting people, contracts being signed – this is what we are working on right now. We are going to grow and we are going to become a household name.

Now, brand recognition. When you see our logo once, when you see it twice, a third time, it piques your interest. That’s going to send people to checkout what Lucky Block is and look at our website.

The developers have done an amazing job – as we’ve announced – of making it possible with a credit or debit card to buy BNB and swap that to LBLOCK directly there on our website. In a couple of weeks you’ll be able to LBLOCk directly with a credit of debit card.

So as we expand and grow and become a household name and develop with all of this marketing strategy, and send more people to that website, we are going to streamline and simplify the process of growing our Lucky Block Army organically.

And in a few weeks we have our app coming out. Obviously we know it’s been delayed but we can only apologise for that but these things happen. We’re on the 8th beta right now, we’re working on it and we are very very very close and cannot wait.

All of these huge things happening side by side are going to culminate in so much natural growth for our project and for all of you guys, so much excitement, so much buzz, it really is incredible. It is an exciting time. And I hope all of you guys enjoyed the weekend and hope you are as excited for the future as we are. Everything is coming together and the Lucky Block Army is only going to grow.

Honestly, here’s to the future. So that was a little recap from me and I’ll catch up with you all soon.


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