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Guide to Lucky Block Android BETA App Testing

Thank you for testing the Lucky Block Beta Android app. Please go through the steps outlined below to install the beta app onto your Android device and start testing

  1. Download the Android Beta App and INSTALL onto your device.

    Download Android Beta App

  2. You now need to set up your test tokens with MetaMask. Firstly the Binance Smart Chain network needs to be added to your MetaMask wallet chosen to test with.. Go to:
    • Settings
    • Network
    • Add network
  3. You will then see the following screen:
  4. Insert:
    • RPC URL :
    • Chain ID: 97
    • Symbol: BNB
    • Block Explorer URL:
    • Then click Add.
  5. You should then see test BNB in your new wallet LuckyBlock test tokens now also need to be imported. Click on import a token to bring up the the following screen:
    • Please enter the LBLOCK contract address: 0xA9F5b1cAfA07F27f2E038A7c9fC90b49b9cBd728
    • The rest of the fields will fill in automatically
    • Then click IMPORT.
      Your new wallet will now show test BNB and LBLOCK ready for testing. The test tokens are designed for this purpose only and hold no value.
  6. You must now send us NAME, EMAIL and your new METAMASK TEST WALLET ADDRESS through filling out the online submission form. For your wallet address click on the address at the top of your wallet under ‘Account’. We can then send you your testnet tokens in order to participate in our beta testing.

      How to get TestNet BNB

      In order to carry out BETA testing you will need a small amount of TestNet BNB.

      To do this follow the link below and add in your test wallet BNB receive address, ‘Input your Binance Smart Chain address…’

      Once you have pasted your address into the window, click on ‘Give me BNB’, then hit the drop down tab ‘1 BNB’. This then sends the TestNet BNB to your wallet.

      You should now see your TestNet BNB in your chosen wallet.

      Note: there are NO fees incurred going through this process as the BNB are for testing purposes only.

      The Lucky Block Beta Android app is now ready to use. Please fill out the online feedback portal as this is where you as members of Lucky Block Army can add your comments on areas of the app’s performance.

      Online Feedback Portal

      Operational Instructions and Guidelines For BETA Testers

      Here we welcome you to take part in our community BETA testing for the Lucky Block App.

      At this point you will have downloaded the relevant app suited to your handset using our iOS and Android set up documents pinned in the TG group.

      There are a couple of key points to remember when testing:

      1. Make sure to open and login to your MetaMask wallet ensuring you are on the correct network containing your test LBLOCK and BNB tokens BEFORE you attempt to login to the Lucky Block App and connect your wallet.
      2. Please be patient when purchasing your tickets and waiting for the confirmations inside Metamask. The contract needs time to do its work. Once you have received the confirmation – then you can go back into the Lucky Block app to check your ticket wallet.
      3. Please wait for the Lucky Block ticket wallet to update with tickets, sometimes this can take a few moments.

      The above issues are due to the app running on TestNet. When we are fully operational on MainNet these issues will resolve themselves because MainNet works faster.

      Test Giveaway times (GMT)

      There we will be running 2 draws a day, 10:00 and 20:00 GMT.

      Please note there will be a 10-minute period between lotteries where you will not be able to purchase tickets. This is the admin period in which our team will need to create the next lottery for you.

      Testing Guidelines

      We have a strict policy requiring that no one from the community testing group shares testing information with the main group until permission is explicitly granted.

      This initial short closed period is necessary to provide enough time to introduce all testers to the known issues and any in-app workarounds currently in place for use by beta testers.

      Please report all feedback by filling out your dedicated section on the feedback form.

      Anyone found to be abusing these guidelines will be removed from all Lucky BLock Communities

      Any queries regarding testing please contact [email protected]