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How to Buy LBLOCK with Fiat or Crypto

Lucky Block tokens (LBLOCK) can be purchased with Fiat or other crypto currencies through our portal.

Click CONNECT WALLET TO BUY and then select your preferred wallet provider. We recommend using Metamask on desktop and Trust Wallet through Wallet Connect on mobile. Once connected, LBLOCK can be purchased through crypto or fiat.

Select the desired crypto or fiat currency you would like to purchase with, along with the amount. Navigate to the Deposit section to confirm your wallet address, amount and exchange rate, you will then follow through to Guardarian exchange to carry out the transaction.

There are two methods to carry out payment, faster payments and card payments. Faster payments is where a bank transfer method is utilized, and optional card payments using Guardarian’s accepted cards.

The exchange process speed depends on the cryptocurrency network speed and your preferred payment method. Card payments are usually faster, taking only minutes for the funds to be transferred. Bank transfers may take up to 1-3 business days. If your bank provides Instant SEPA payments, then the process is much faster. It is worth noting that the faster payments (bank transfer) method holds a lower fee. The specific payment methods and applicable fees offered to you will ultimately depend on your country of residence and the respective currency.

Once your chosen method of payment is selected, click to agree their terms and conditions, you will then continue through to confirm your wallet address and add your mobile number to confirm it is you carrying out the transaction for security purposes.

On confirmation of the security pin sent to your mobile, you will then be directed through to verification where one of three types of identity can be chosen and used to verify yourself in order to carry out the transaction.

Following successful verification, the final part of the process is to pay. On the payment page, you will be asked to enter your payment details. The specific process will, of course, depend on which payment method you opted for. Once payment has been successfully taken, the transaction is now complete and the purchased LBLOCK should now be showing in your chosen wallet.

The Verdict

This guide has explained how to buy Lucky Block tokens through the Lucky Block purchase portal – which will subsequently allow you to invest in LBLOCK tokens.