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Introducing Lucky Block NFTs – The Platinum Rollers Club Collection

lucky block nft

update– 19 March 2022. NFT on sale 19 March. Minting party  14:00 GMT:

We are pleased to share with the community today the launch plans for our first Lucky Block NFT collection – The Platinum Rollers Club.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are hot right now – they are a way of rewarding communities through the ownership of unique collectibles. 

With Lucky Block’s debut collection of 10,000 NFT pieces we are leveraging the full power of the technology that underpins NFTs by giving more utility than just being a way of assigning ownership. 

With our NFTs you get rights to a service – entry for life to our NFT games. 

  • Each NFT has its own dedicated number for entry into the daily NFT draws. 
  • There is only one winner for each draw.
  • Each of the 10,000 NFTs mints for $1,500. 
  • The collection contains 25 Rare editions.
  • The daily NFT games draw will have a jackpot equivalent to 2% of the main jackpot draw. We estimate this to be $10,000 on average.
  • If you have one of the 25 rare edition NFTs and your number comes up, then you will win double the jackpot.

More money for marketing

The money we raise through the NFT sales will go straight back into investing in the growth of Lucky Block, which means you will be seeing our logo – your logo – at sporting events, gigs, summer festivals and the like as we join the sponsorship big time.

To be clear, each NFT Jackpot Pool is run separately from the existing games Pool.

Funds for the NFT pool come from our existing royalty pool for NFTs and gaming development – check the our whitepaper for more on that. 

Giving everyone a chance to benefit and get 80x returns

A 10% royalty payment is distributed back to the Lucky Block wallet address on the sale and resale of each NFT on the blockchain. That means all token holders will benefit from the trading of these sought-after NFTs.

With the Lucky Block LBlock token securing returns of as much as 80x for early buyers, it’s first NFT collection could deliver similar stratospheric valuations  for investors.

Lucky Block NFT: looking to the future

Our NFTs will sit on the Binance Smart Chain but with our Ethereum bridge upgrade they will become available to a huge universe of collectors and traders.

This is just the start of our NFT journey. We are headed for the metaverse. Imagine being at the Casino, where you are represented by an avatar as you sit at the roulette table. Sounds cool? Stay with Lucky Block on our journey to revolutionise lotteries and gaming.

We also welcome Chris Williams to the Lucky Block team as a strategic advisor.

He will be leading the strategy for the Lucky Block NFT launch. Chris brings a wealth of experience to the team, having worked for ‘top 100’ companies in the Crypto/Defi space, as well as leading multi-million dollar campaigns in bleeding-edge industries. 

When Lambo…?

lucky block lambo giveaway

As part of the marketing push for the Platinum Rollers we are offering the chance to win a Lamborghini in a free giveaway draw.

To enter the draw all you will need to do is purchase one of our Platinum Rollers Club NFTs. You will be automatically entered into the draw to win a Lamborghini.

To buy an NFT you must have $1,000 worth of LBLOCK tokens in your wallet.

Check back regularly for more details on how you can win a free Lambo.

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Comments (15)

When are the NFT’s available for purchase ?

This is a huge step for all holders. Been on the pre pre sale and I am fortunate and grateful to be part of the LuckBlock Army, This NFT is an amazing step in the right direction. I am super bullish on Lucky Block Keep up the amazing work… Maybe a bit more presence in Discord for the NFT launch.. Just saying

How or when we will be able to get the nft

Thank you , all the best for luckyblock

Donde puedo comprar el nft. Quiero tener uno!!! Porfavor

Hello Luckyblock team! This is great news and fantastic opportunity! When will we be able to buy NFT ?



Really exciting news and ready to buy nft! when and where would it be available to buy it and how many can we have?

Maximum of 15 per wallet. Hopefully will be available mid March. Details to be announced so check on our social media or this website.

Muhammad Saad Sultan

Best of luck LB

God Damn, An Aventador <3 it's just so crazy. My head is bowling just thinking about driving this car

Do we know when they will let us get an NFT? I know what you have to have to get one but is it a lottery if more then 10k followers have the 1k worth of LBlock or first come first serve? I would really like to get one not sure if there’s a white list like other NFTs. I have been in LBlock since presale can’t wait to see what this does. Anyone have any answers please help me out. Thanks

Who is Chris Williams, does he have an online portfolio?,

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