Lucky Block $1 million NFT Draw Winner: ‘Large Part Remains Invested in LBLOCK. I Believe in the Coin!’

Crypto games platform Lucky Block gave away $1 million in LBLOCK tokens on Tuesday 31 May to the owner of one of its Platinum Rollers Club NFTs. Here’s the winner’s story.

We spoke to the winner of the $1 million Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFT Jackpot and suffice to say the individual has been blown away at becoming an overnight millionaire.

The $1 million worth of LBLOCK tokens is vested over 365 days and the lucky winner has been receiving daily payments since the 31st May.

Lucky Block has agreed to protect the anonymity of the NFT winner. However, we can reveal that the winner is a male who lives in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Here is the Lucky Block NFT jackpot winner’s amazing story

“My best mate drew my attention to Lucky Block. Cool story, cool idea so I decided to buy it.

“Then came the NFTs – finally one with a function and real utility! Not just an image of a stupid monkey!

“The chances of getting the top prize of a Lamborghini Aventador was also impressive at 1:10,000, which was a major factor in deciding to go through with the purchase. 

“The number 62 was my first draw on the day of minting and a short time later a huge jackpot prize was also announced at $1,000,000. Hard to believe. Jackpot tickets bought and three NFTs were bought in the meantime, you can’t miss a chance like that.

“On the day of the draw, it became clear relatively quickly that my tickets unfortunately didn’t win. Then came the NFT draw. Number 401 won, so it wasn’t for me.

“The next day I looked in my deposit box and about 1,500,000 LBLOCK tokens had been sent.

“I then read in the Telegram group that the number 401 was the token ID and not the NFT number, which was 62. I actually won!  What a wonderful experience.

“The payouts have been coming in every day since. I was a huge fan of the token before and now I’m even more convinced by the idea and the whole team.

“What do I do with the profits? I decide that every month. My buddy gets a share, parts are invested, and a large part remains invested in LBLOCK as things stand; I believe in the coin!”

Lucky Block NFT winner payments – on the blockchain for all to see

You can see the first payment made to the winning wallet here.

The $1 million winning wallet address is: 0xdc92df1c0ba334692a6cefe2f48a8b4f9311f4eb

Since the inaugural draw took place there have been many other winners and we hope to be able to share their joy with the community too.

Understandably, most winners are reluctant to share their identity given the levels of scamming and other security risks that are unfortunately associated with crypto at this time.

Lucky Block’s Platinum Rollers Club NFTs are available for purchase on the NFT Launchpad. Marketplace. 

When the NFT collection 10,000 edition sale is complete a Lamborghini will be up for grabs exclusively to owners of the NFT.

Media contact

Contact Gary McFarlane, Lucky Block PR manager.

Email: [email protected]

Notes for editors

Lucky Block is a decentralised games network powered by crypto. LBLOCK is the utility token of the platform.

Lucky Block offers the chance to make ‘everyone a winner’ because its platform pays a token reward of 10% of every jackpot to token holders, whether or not they have a winning draw ticket. Each token holder also receives a free ticket, subject to terms.

More than that, by trying their luck with its weekly draws, players will be giving to charity in the process – 10% of every jackpot goes to charity. This feature will be coming soon.

Jackpots are funded by a tax of 12% on sales of the LBLOCK token on decentralised exchanges and from ticket sales.

Because Lucky Block is built on blockchain it is cheaper to run, more transparent, can reward its token holders and makes charities winners too. 

Also, on sale now, Lucky Block’s Platinum Rollers Club NFT Collection provides owners with lifetime entry tickets to the weekly NFT jackpot draws that run alongside the main draw.

Access the Lucky Block dapp (decentralised application) at