Lucky Block NFT Competitions – Prizes, Rewards and a Tradable Asset

lucky block nft competitions
Beta webpage of the NFT competitions and rewards platform

The launch of V2 has been timed to coincide with the rollout of Lucky Block’s brand new product – the NFT competitions platform.

Last week the website was redesigned to place the NFT competitions front and centre.

Although in beta, the new site provides a glimpse of how the the competitions will work and the sort of prizes that will be on offer.

In the placeholders current displayed, users can enter competitions to win $1 million worth of bitcoin, a $1 million house and 5-star holiday, a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT and a VIP FIFA World Cup package.

NFT competitions all come with their own NFT collection and rewards

Each prize will have an associated NFT collection – you buy an NFT to enter the prize draw. Each NFT attracts a reward for as long as its owner holds it in their wallet.

There will be different price points and collection sizes for each competition, depending on the value of the prize on offer. Through this mechanism the odds will vary for each prize.

In addition, all NFTs are fully tradable, each with its own unique imagery.

Looking to the future, in order to eliminate high gas fees, the NFTs will eventually be centralised and held in a Lucky Block database.

It is also envisaged that NFTs will become available for purchase with ordinary fiat currency.

Platinum Rollers Club get special treatment

Owners of the existing Platinum Rollers Club (PRC) NFTs, far from being left behind, will see the value of their investment enhanced.

Each PRC NFT owners gains free entry into designated Platinum Rollers Club NFT Competitions and will receive rewards from the respective transaction pool.

As promised when the collection went on sale, when the collection has been sold out a Lamborghini will be up for grabs exclusively to PRC NFT holders.

Where to buy the PRC NFTs

In a partnership with NFT marketplace Launchpad, all the NFTs will be available for purchase there, although the competitions are of course can be browsed directly on the Lucky Block website.

Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFTs have a floor price of 3.75 WBNB, which at the time of writing values them at $958 each.

The prizes and associated NFTs and the prices are yet to be announced for the ordinary NFT competition collections.

To buy NFTs on Launchpad you will need the Wrapped BNB currency, which is available for purchase on all major centralised and decentralised exchanges.

Lucky Block jackpot giveaway to become a DAO

In a change of direction for the weekly jackpot prize draw, the product will evolve into a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) fully controlled by its users.

A DAO programs all the governance and business functions required by corporation any other type of organisation. The exact details of how the DAO would work in this particular implementation is yet be revealed but work has already begun on the move to full decentralisation.