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LUCKY BLOCK NFT Our first NFT collection of 10,000 limited editions has now been minted and listed for sale
Our NFTs grant owners exclusive access to the regular and additional prize draws. Each NFT acts as a draw entry ticket.


Buy one NFT
and enter all draws forever
First Draw Results
To Be Announced
Next Daily Draw Starts In
2022/05/14 14:25:52
Next Draw Prize
Up to 50 BNB
Our NFT Prize Draw
With our NFTs you get rights to a service – entry for life to our
NFT prize draw
2% of the Daily Prize pool for LuckyBlock NFT Holders
Trade your NFT on
Every NFT Gives Free Lifetime Entry to the Daily NFT prize draw
50,000+ Investors in our Telegram Channel
Earn 2x the Daily Jackpot Prize with the Rare Edition NFT
Win a Lamborghini
As part of the marketing push for the Platinum Rollers we are offering the chance to win a Lamborghini in a free giveaway draw.

To enter the draw all you will need to do is purchase one of our Platinum Rollers Club NFTs. You will be automatically entered into the draw to win a Lamborghini.

Our NFT Prize Draws
Our daily prize draw is accessible only to NFT holders and is separate
from the main Lucky Block game. Moreover, the NFT jackpot will amount to
2% of the main draw.
Buy on NFT Launchpad Now!
How to Buy & Play
the LuckyBlock NFT Prize Draw
Quickfire Walkthrough

Before we get to our detailed step-by-step guide on how to buy a Lucky Block NFT – check out the quickfire walkthrough of the required process outlined below:

Step 1: Install MetaMask Wallet

You will need to install the MetaMask wallet before you can buy a Lucky Block NFT – as this connects directly to the secure launchpad platform. Although MetaMask is also available as a mobile app – it’s much easier to buy a Lucky Block NFT if you install the wallet as a Google Chrome extension.

Step 2: Deposit wBNB

In order to buy a Lucky Block NFT, you need to have some wBNB tokens in your MetaMask wallet. You can transfer wBNB from an external wallet or a third-party exchange.

Step 3: Visit Lucky Block NFT Launchpad

The next step is to visit NFT LaunchPad, the official marketplace that the Lucky Block NFT is listed on. Then, click on the ‘Connect Wallet’ button, followed by ‘MetaMask’. You will then see a pop-up notification appear from your MetaMask wallet extension asking you to confirm that you wish to connect to the Lucky Block NFT launchpad.

Step 4: Choose Lucky Block NFT

In total, 10,000 Lucky Block NFTs were made available for sale – many of which have already been purchased. Choose the Lucky Block NFT that you wish to buy based on its number. This number will represent your lifetime entry into our daily giveaway draw.

Step 5: Buy Lucky Block NFT

The final part of the process is to complete your Lucky Block NFT purchase. You can do this by confirming that you wish to buy the Lucky Block NFT and verifying the transaction via the MetaMask pop-up notification that appears. And that’s all it takes to become a member of the Platinum Rollers NFT Club at Lucky Block.

How to Win?
Once you become a Lucky Block NFT holder – you will have lifetime access to daily Lucky Block giveaway draws.

This inaugural collection of 10,000 NFTs takes the form of .mp4 video files that display your unique bonus number, one per NFT. If your number comes up in the daily NFT prize draws, you will win a cash prize. The NFT jackpot will be equal to 2% of the main Lucky Block prize draw. Each NFT Jackpot Pool is run separately from the existing prize Pool.

The NFT prize pool will average around $10,000 each day, which will grow in time. If the Lucky Block NFT collection comes under the same buying pressure as seen with LBLOCK – in other words if it grows in value as LBLOCK did, then $1,500 could become $100,000 in a matter of weeks. The odds of winning the NFT prize draw will be higher than the main prize draw and unlike that draw, don’t require tickets to be purchased to enter.

Jay B

Jay Bhosle, Head Of Blockchain Technology at Finixio, is joining the leadership team at Lucky Block as a blockchain advisor. Jay is a senior technology executive and engineering leader who brings a record of success in driving innovation and delivering transformative products for the blockchain, FinTech and PropertyTech sectors. With eight years of experience in building blockchain integrated systems for startups, Jay is a valuable addition to the project who will help Lucky Block to achieve its mission to revolutionize the games industry.

Terence Ribaudo

With over a decade of product leadership experience , and 7 years in the digital asset space, Terence brings a breadth of experience working within finance, advertising and major brand experiences.

Having delivered experiential products for brands including Nike, Vodafone, Rolls Royce and for major events such as The Commonwealth Games and VFest , Terence is well placed to help Lucky Block deliver to its product Roadmap and beyond.

There are 45,777 holders of the Lucky Block token
A 10% royalty payment is distributed back to the Lucky Block wallet address on the sale and resale of each NFT
We are giving everyone a chance to benefit and get 80x returns
Our NFT collection could deliver stratospheric valuations for investors
Our Platinum Rollers Club
In buying a Lucky Block NFT – of which there will only ever be 10,000 unique tokens in circulation, you will become a member of our
Platinum Rollers Club.

And in doing so – you’ll be entitled to a range of benefits – such as having lifetime access to our daily Lucky Block NFT prize draw.

As is tradition in the non-fungible token space, there will also be ‘rares’ as part of the Platinum Rollers club NFT collection. 25 rare NFTs were minted as part of the 10,000 NFTs – when buying an NFT you might become the lucky owner of one of these ‘rares’, which will be revealed upon purchase.

Hit the jackpot while holding one of those rare Lucky Block NFTs, and you’ll win double the NFT jackpot for that prize draw.

Where to Buy Lucky Block NFTs

NFT Launchpad is a new NFT marketplace where Lucky Block NFTs are now listed for sale alongside other NFT collections with a range of themes.
Launched by Lucky Block partner company Finixio, it’s a multi-blockchain marketplace for NFTs with Binance Smart Chain and Polygon integrated, with support for more planned.

There is also a Lucky Block Telegram chat with over 44,000 members and smaller support group if you’re new to buying NFTs and want to ask questions to the admin team.

And there is also an NFT channel Lucky Block NFT for news updates.

Join Our Platinum Rollers Club
What Our Winners Say
They are Proof of Your Future Success
Jamie Jewitt

AMBASSADOR Jamie Jewitt spent the his early years travelling the world as a fashion model until his late 20’s, then after two appearances on television he was seen to use his new found fame to help others by working with various charities and organisations. Having always had a keen interest in business he has now settled into his passion of finding new ways to develop businesses that have the ability to give something back.

Nicolo Zenga

Nicolo Zenga is Business owner, media personality and notable figure in Italy.Nicolo is the son of Walter Zenga, a former Italian goalkeeper who played for the National Team and Inter. His father also managed the UK team Wolves.Nicolo is also a key player in the political sphere and has close ties with some notable Italian politicians.As of recently he has taken part in the 2021 edition of Big Brother in Italy and he’s married to actress, Marina Crialesi.

Savannah Marshall

A British professional boxer who has held the WBO female middleweight title since 2020. As an amateur, she became the first British female world champion after securing gold at the 2012 World Championships. Division: Middleweight, Super-middleweight and a Record: 12 wins and 0 losses (10 KOs). On 31 October 2020 in her 9th professional fight Marshall became the WBO female middleweight champion with a TKO victory over opponent Hannah Rankin at Wembley Arena. She is nicknamed the “Silent Assassin” due to her preference to do her talking inside the ropes.

Lerrone Richards

Lerrone is a British professional boxer who has held the IBO super-middleweight title since December 2021. Between 2019 and September 2021, he has also held the British, Commonwealth, and European super-middleweight titles. Lerrone is nicknamed the ‘Sniper The Boss’ with his killer jabs and precision. He is also currently undefeated in a total of 16 contests.

Florian Marku

An Albanian professional boxer and former kickboxer and MMA fighter. He has held the IBF International welterweight title since September 2021. Division: Welterweight, Fighting out of: London, England with a Record: 11 wins, 1 draw and 0 losses. His first career win happened in Germany. Florian scored a first-round technical knockout. The Albanian professional boxer has held the International Boxing Federation (IBF) welterweight title since September 2021.

Joe Joyce

Joseph Obey Joyce is a professional boxer from the United Kingdom. Since 2020, he has held the British, Commonwealth, WBC Silver, and WBO International heavyweight belts, as well as the European heavyweight title from 2020 until August 2021. He earned a bronze medal at the 2013 European Championships, a gold medal at the 2014 Commonwealth and 2015 European Games, a bronze medal at the 2015 World Championships, and a silver medal at the 2016 Olympics as an amateur. According to the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, he is the world’s seventh-best active heavyweight as of October 2021, while ESPN ranks him ninth. He is noted for his striking strength and presently has a knockout-to-win rate of 92 per cent.

Dillian White

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What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are hot right now – they are a way of rewarding communities through the ownership of unique collectibles.

With Lucky Block’s debut collection of 10,000 NFT pieces we are leveraging the full power of the technology that underpins NFTs by giving more utility than just being a way of assigning ownership.


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