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Presale in Q4 2021 of the Lucky Block Crypto Token

Lucky Block Crypto Presale 2021

Presale ends on February 1st 2022

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Core Focus of the Lucky Block Crypto Project

The internet has created a demand for online gambling, with companies
offering easily accessible online wagering. So, it’s hardly surprising
these websites are fast-growing and highly profitable. Lucky Block
envisions a worldwide lottery with players using Blockchain Protocols,
operating on the binance smart chain. We believe the lottery should not
be bound geographically or tied to local financial systems. Instead, our
focus is to develop further transparency and fairness in gaming, creating
a lottery where every player has better win odds while providing a solid
investment strategy for token holders while contributing to the

The Lucky Block App User Interface


How to buy the Lucky Block Token

A step-by-step guide on how to buy Lucky Block.
Pre-Sale Contract address: To be established

Lucky Block Token

Step 1


The first step is to safely connect your wallet to the Pre-Sale platform. As Lucky Block operates on the Binance Smart Chain, Trust Wallet is the best option for this purpose.

If you do not already have Trust Wallet, you can download the app to your Android or iOS device.

Lucky Block Token

Step 2


The next step is to decide how much you wish to invest in the Lucky Block Pre-Sale launch. Once again, this must be a figure
between the soft and hard cap values mentioned above.

You can state your investment amount in BNB and the respective Lucky Block token quantity that you will receive will be updated

For example, if you contribute 1 BNB, this will reflect a total purchase of 3.7 Million Lucky Block tokens (at a price of $0.00015 each). Dependant on current market rate.

Lucky Block Token

Step 3


Once you confirm your purchase, there is nothing more for you to do until the Pre-Sale concludes. Tokens will be sent to your wallet address shortly after purchase. They will become transactional upon launch depending on the size of the investment. Please see the whitepaper for full details. Congratulations and welcome to the Lucky Block Team.

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About Lucky Block

An introduction to Lucky Block

Lucky Block Crypto Lottery Roadmap

• Phase 1
  • Develop website, discord & social media communities
  • Deploy Lucky Block token
  • Apply for coin gecko
  • Design marketing strategy and identify influencers that align with our cause
  • Develop a white paper for the community at large to learn more about Lucky Block team
  • Identify charity organisations and create partnerships
  • Identify high net worth investors for staking
• Phase 2
  • Soft launch
  • Contact exchanges that can accommodate our tokenomics for future listings
  • Identify public charities and groups in need across different continents and ask how we can help
  • Launch TFL campaign
  • Brand awareness scheme London & Manchester
  • Certify our smart contract with an independent reputable audit service
  • Certify our smart contract with an independent reputable audit service
  • Presale
  • Identify businesses and potential celebrity endorsements and partnerships
  • Generate global press releases about Lucky Block charity organization and our community efforts to donate
• Phase 3
  • Launch lotto
  • Start donating – make the first donation
  • Online scratch cards
  • More paid advertising – look into commercial advertising of Lucky Block token
  • Increase outreach by introducing large social media influencers
  • Continue to grow and promote Lucky Block Token
  • Create Lucky Block merchandise store to help support the charity causes
• Phase 4
  • Show dedication to donating through the organization by hosting fundraising events, social gatherings, and more
  • Make the Lucky Block token a worldwide phenomenon
  • Develop cryptocurrency education platforms allowing the world to learn about crypto from the Lucky Block token
  • Metaverse incorporation
  • Online gaming incorporation
  • Developer fund to fund developers gaming projects – Lucky Block invest in development for a royalty fee that is then redistributed to coin holders and charities – metaverse/online gaming, etc
  • Create Lucky Block NFT’s using the royalty fund where owners receive a royalty of secondary market sale
  • Create and register our own foundation for global causes

The Team behind Lucky Block Crypto Lottery

Details about Lucky Block Cypto Project
Scott Ryder CEO of Lucky Block
James Bason CPO at Lucky Block
Alkesh Gupta Webdeveloper at Lucky Block
Darnell McWilliams Global Marketing Manager at Lucky Block
Lola Wind Ad Marketing Assistant at Lucky Block

Partners of Lucky Block


LUCKY BLOCK has partnered with European financial marketing sensation FINIXIO, a London based media company that runs 15+ leading comparison brands across personal finance, cryptocurrency & technology sectors.

– 50+ Financial News Websites
– 60 Million Pound Market Cap
– 200 Staff
– 4.5 million Unique Visitors Per Month
– Experts in Marketing and SEO

Finixio cooperation with Lucky Block

The Manc Group is the UK’s most engaged local social publisher, an audience-first platform focused on everything Greater Manchester and slightly beyond – with a loyal following of over 1 million people. Our aim? To keep you in the know, entertained, and educated on what’s happened, or happening, in the greatest region in the world.

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